How To Get to The Gig

[by car]Follow the Red Route:
Once you are out of the Motorway, keep going straight along Edge Lane. You'll see a 'Mc Donald's' on your left, just keep on going straight. After the traffic lights in front of a shop building signed 'Student Homes' on your right, turn left onto Tunnel Road. Keep going straight along Tunnel Road passing through a set of traffic lights until another set of lights with 'The Junction' pub right in front of you. Turn right after that lights. You are now on Upper Parliament Street. Drive straight on along Upper Parliament Street until you meet a T-junction. Take a left at this lights and you will be on Sefton Street. Keep going straight for a few metres, and you'll see a building on your left signed '35: Alima Centre'. 'The Performance Room' is just next to it. Please park your car along Sefton Street and not along any small alleys.

your final destination
[Useful Mobile Numbers: 07899 951571 ---- 07845 378803 ---- 07726 640164 ]