For those who want to perform in the Liverpool Gig '07, please contact us. Act quick, only a few spaces left. We've got 7 BANDS for this gig!*
We are going to introduce all the participating bands in this site soon.. so, to those bands, please send us back the forms.. we need to know the name of your band, your band members, etc... Each band will have 30 minutes to show the audience what they got. There are no restrictions on the number of songs as long as they are within the allowed time. No restrictions on the type of song either, as long as you have at least ONE Malay song in your setlist.
*Bands other than these 7 will be in our waiting list just in case... thanks for showing your interests, lads!

Basically, you just need to bring your guitars, cables, effects and drum sticks to the gig... your own mics if you want to... We'll provide the rest... all the complicated, big and heavy stuffs.
We will let you know the details of equipments that will be provided, soon in this site.

If you have any questions at all, send us your emails. For those bands who have confirmed... prektis weh... prektis! Haha... and send us the youtube link to your video if you want...
*Restricted to Malaysians bands in the UK & Ireland only.