How To Get to The Gig

[by car]Follow the Red Route:
Once you are out of the Motorway, keep going straight along Edge Lane. You'll see a 'Mc Donald's' on your left, just keep on going straight. After the traffic lights in front of a shop building signed 'Student Homes' on your right, turn left onto Tunnel Road. Keep going straight along Tunnel Road passing through a set of traffic lights until another set of lights with 'The Junction' pub right in front of you. Turn right after that lights. You are now on Upper Parliament Street. Drive straight on along Upper Parliament Street until you meet a T-junction. Take a left at this lights and you will be on Sefton Street. Keep going straight for a few metres, and you'll see a building on your left signed '35: Alima Centre'. 'The Performance Room' is just next to it. Please park your car along Sefton Street and not along any small alleys.

your final destination
[Useful Mobile Numbers: 07899 951571 ---- 07845 378803 ---- 07726 640164 ]



To those 170 people who are coming to the Liverpool Gig on Saturday the 17th of February 2007 (you know who you are...) ,

For those who haven't paid for their tickets, please arrange payments by Wednesday, 7th February 2007.

For those who have paid, we'd like to thank all of you for that. Please do not forget to print a copy of your e-ticket(s) and show it to the ticket crew in order to collect your ticket(s) for the gig.

And for those who want to buy tickets, we still have around 35-40 tickets for you to purchase. There have been enquiries on whether or not we're selling tickets at the ticket collections booth on the gig day.... and the answer is... we're not promising anything! It depends on the ticket sales for the next couple of weeks. We'll keep you posted. (Note: check out the Head Count on the left side of this site to give you a rough idea on how many are coming to this gig.. the max is 210 people instead of the 250 venue capacity to prevent it from being too crowded)

But, don't be in Liverpool just for the Gig, there's plenty of exciting places for you to visit before the door opens. You can contact your mates here for some tips on what to do and visit in Liverpool. If you don't know anyone and are new to Liverpool City, no worries... we have a few main suggestions for you to fill your time with while waiting for the gig to start: (Note that this guide takes you to visit only the main places that we find suitable for you to spend 2-3 hours before the Gig's door is opened. It is also arranged accordingly for your convenience)

Anfield, Home to Liverpool FC - No matter which football team you support, it's a must to visit the famous Anfield. Take a few photos here and visit the Club Store if you want. You'll most probably spend about 10-15 minutes here (not including stadium tour), depends on how important LFC & football are to you.

Liverpool City Centre - What's the point of coming to Liverpool if you don't get to see the city? Do what you want, shop, eat, drink, buy souvenirs, take photos,etc.. Remember, you have 2 more places to go to before the gig.

The Cavern Quarter - this is located within the city centre area. The place it all began is now the place where it is all beginning all over again. The Cavern Quarter, which encircles world famous Mathew Street, is a vibrant city centre area at the focus of Beatle history, but there's so much else on offer to people of all ages, whether Liverpudlians or tourists. Here, you will find The Cavern Club where you'll go down the steps into an old, dark warehouse where the Beatles used to play.

The Albert Dock - UK’s largest group of grade 1 listed buildings. There are heritage attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, the Tate Gallery, the Maritime Museum, the Beatles Story and many shops. There’s something good round every corner at the Albert Dock. You might find a clown or a juggler, live music, an exhibition, a visiting ship or a special event. This place is the nearest to the Gig Venue. So, wherever you go to, make this your last stop as it is the nearest to the gig.

However, these are all suggestions. It's up to you what you wanna do with your time. Who are we to tell you what to do. But, if you think you need more help or if you need to get hold of a few contact numbers just in case, let us know by emailing us.

Remember.... the Liverpool Gig '07 opens at 6pm.

See you at the gig!



The Liverpool Gig '07 tickets are out now at £5 each. You can get your tickets by calling any of these contact numbers:
07738 752018
07899 951571

OR... if you prefer texting, you can text to this number:

07818 443652

Make sure to tell us your name & the number of tickets you want to buy. Someone will call or text you back for the payment details.

...this is the gig that you don't wanna miss!



For those who want to perform in the Liverpool Gig '07, please contact us. Act quick, only a few spaces left. We've got 7 BANDS for this gig!*
We are going to introduce all the participating bands in this site soon.. so, to those bands, please send us back the forms.. we need to know the name of your band, your band members, etc... Each band will have 30 minutes to show the audience what they got. There are no restrictions on the number of songs as long as they are within the allowed time. No restrictions on the type of song either, as long as you have at least ONE Malay song in your setlist.
*Bands other than these 7 will be in our waiting list just in case... thanks for showing your interests, lads!

Basically, you just need to bring your guitars, cables, effects and drum sticks to the gig... your own mics if you want to... We'll provide the rest... all the complicated, big and heavy stuffs.
We will let you know the details of equipments that will be provided, soon in this site.

If you have any questions at all, send us your emails. For those bands who have confirmed... prektis weh... prektis! Haha... and send us the youtube link to your video if you want...
*Restricted to Malaysians bands in the UK & Ireland only.



We've booked a perfect venue for this gig and for £5 per admission, it is seriously worth your time to check this place out. Introducing a unique new concept...a club style, live music and theatre venue, this venue is capable of holding up to 250 people.

Equipped to host anything from small theatre, community events, club nights to all types of events, which can develop performance and collabatory arts with a state of the art sound system together with a comprehensive lighting set-up.

For the interested bands that have been contacting us, this is your time to shine... do what you gotta do and contact us to "really" confirm your places. Remember, we only need 7 bands for this gig! For the rest, if you got any questions regarding tickets, directions, or anything at all... send your emails out to us.